What is an In Home Program?

During an In Home Program we conduct dog training lessons for both you and your dog weekly and/ or bi-weekly, developing instructions for you to follow up on in between lessons.  The instructions in the lessons will change according to how your dog adapts to the training program within the time in between each lesson. Essentially, you are your own dog’s trainer, and all the dog training in Long Island NY occurs with the dog in your possession, and mostly in your own home…

What is a Board and Train Program?

If you select a Board and Train Program, your dog comes to live with one of our trainers, in the trainer’s home and NOT in a boarding facility, and the trainer will do all the preliminary training for you.  Follow up lessons are included to insure that the transition from our home to yours, and the transition from our commands to yours, occurs successfully.


Wallys World Dog training Long Island NY

BEGINNER: 8 weeks - 4 months old

The Beginner Training Program is a preliminary curriculum that focuses on teaching the meaning of each command to your puppy.  It’s the proper start to accomplishing the future goals you intend on achieving as your puppy grows into a young adult. Upon completion of this Dog agility & obedience training in Long Island, most owners realize that they have given their pups an incredible amount of command comprehension, as well as the correct behavioral foundation for the future, but also see that their pups’ training program has just begun!

BASIC: 4 months & older

The Basic Training Program consists of a curriculum designed to include the custom training techniques for each individual dog that are needed to begin to develop reliability in your dog’s training. Our Long Island Dog behaviorist will focus on creating the necessary attention to our commands, particularly around distractions, that we will need from our dogs in our everyday lives. It’s the next step in accomplishing the goal of having a well mannered and reliable companion dog.  After completing this Dog training in Suffolk County NY, many owners feel that they have accomplished most, if not all, of their original desired goals for their dog’s general behavior and training!
Wallys World Dog obedience training Long Island
Wallys World Dog training Suffolk County NY

ADVANCED: 9 months & older

The Advanced Training Program, like the Basic, consists of a curriculum designed to include the custom training techniques necessary for each individual dog.  However, a major difference is that we are no longer developing reliability in your dog’s training, but instead, we’ll focus on perfecting it.  The attention to our commands, especially around distractions, will now be reinforced and practiced within our everyday lives.  This is the final step in accomplishing the goal of having a well mannered and reliable companion dog.  After completing this program, there’s not much more we can do for you and your dog’s everyday life’s obedience.  At this point, you will have accomplished all of your original desired goals for your dog’s general behavior and training!

COMPLETE: 8 weeks & older

The Complete Training Program is a combination of all three of the programs, and the curriculum focuses on first teaching the meaning of each command to your puppy or dog, then beginning to develop reliability in the training, and then perfecting everything.  It’s a program designed to take the dog and owner through all the stages of training as your puppy grows into a young adult, and/or, your young adult into a dog. Upon completion of this Dog training in Nassau County NY, most owners realize that there’s not much more, if anything at all, that’s left to do with your dog!
Wallys World Dog training Nassau County

Watch some of the training commands your dog may learn with us, demonstrated within practical situations!

Our team is comprised of dog training professionals who have over twenty years of experience in dog obedience and agility, rescue dog rehabilitation, and police and drug detection dog training. Please view our "Training" section to learn more about the services we can customize for your puppy or dog.

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"I cant say enough about Modern Canine Solutions. Helped us be better leaders for our dominating Rottweiler. We were close to having to make a tough decision... Now all is good. Thank you so much Waleed!"
John D.
Babylon, NY
"Best dog trainer on Long Island! Went through 3 trainers before we finally found Waleed. Understood our problem and helped us fix some issues with our Golden. Very patient and knowledgeable. A++++"
Kevin & Amilia S
Merrick, NY