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You may be worried about where to start training your dog if you are a first-time puppy owner. There are plenty of things take on board when teaching your pup from crate training, obedience training, housebreaking training to toilet training, and destructive behaviors. Here’s a list of things to teach your pup to get you started.

  1. Potty training

Start this as early as possible. Remember, the pup is not with his mom anymore, and he’s unsure of himself. Do not scold your pup for not going to where he’s supposed to go; instead, move him to the correct location. When he goes to the right spot, bring out the cake, balloons, the streamers, and the peanut butter because it’s time to celebrate.  

  1. Puppy socialization classes

It’s essential to socialize your pup from a young age. Once your pup has mastered all of his training, strut him around town or take him to the dog park. Get him used to different pups. Expose him to different people and the environment by inviting your loved ones to your house as this will teach the puppy how to socialize in his own region. In the first few weeks, it’s essential to help him realize that the outside world doesn’t have to be such a scary place!

  1. Mouthing

The teeth of your pup can hurt; so don’t let your pup nip at you. To curb this harmful behavior, you should stop fight play with your pup and don’t let him nip at you. If he tries to give you a nip, make it clear to your pup that this behavior hurts. However, it would help if you let the pup know your displeasure by exclaiming, “Ow!” and pulling them away. Next time, he will quickly know that this is something you don’t like.

  1. Basic commands

When training your puppy, don’t overload him with commands right away. You need to begin with the basic “Stand” and “Sit!” Once he has mastered and know one command, slowly move to the next. Remember that puppies don’t have long attention spans and always want to play, so don’t be discouraged if he doesn’t grab the basic command right away.

  1. Teach him his name

Your pup must know his name for safety purposes. You want your puppy to know that when he hears his name, you are speaking to him and require his attention. Try to say your pup name several times a day and reward him once you’ve got this attention. This could be either a treat or affection.

What Next?

Training is a great way to spend quality time with your dog. At Wallys World, we are here to help you train and make the process fun for you and your puppy if you’re looking for dog training long Island. Our team has over twenty years of experience in dog obedience and agility, police and drug detection dog training and rescue dog rehabilitation. Call us today at (631) 729 1664 to schedule an appointment with our Long Island dog training.







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